Skincare Through Thirtyfive Years of Research

Lingit Denmark. Quality, Functionality And Healing In A Tube

For more than three decades, Lingit Denmark has been the leading producer of documented effective skincare products for the Scandinavian medical and healthcare industries.

We are proud to offer a unique line of healing skincare products, which are exclusively developed and produced in Denmark under strict clinical conditions. To ensure the highest levels of quality possible, our products are the result of continuous research, testing and development. We strive to keep our ingredients, all of which have a documented effect, up to date. We do so in close collaboration with the members of our Advisory Board, consisting of physicians and a pharmacist.

All of our products are naturally and completely cruelty-free, as we believe in health and healing for all – not just the end consumer. Thus, our products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Furthermore, in 2015, we earned our Halal Certification as the first-ever skincare producer in the medical industry in our effort to further product transparency and reliability.

Our line of skincare products is currently aimed at the medical and healthcare industries, and sold primarily through pharmacies. However, we are now in a position to develop high-end products for private labels as well.


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Founded in Denmark in 1981 Owned And Led By Kurt Pedersen Board of Directors Consisting Of Physicians And Pharmacists

100% Functional

100% Functional, Effective Skin Care No Animal Test. No Alcohol Made in Denmark

Halal certified

Halal Certified Since 2015 As The First Western Skin Care Manufacturer Ever